Published On: 2012/12/31

After having gone through the highlights and memorable moments of 2012, after having written down the resolutions for 2013, the New Year is here after all! I’m sure 2013 will be a year for new experiences, challenges, and lessons for all of us!

And what’s next for me? Honestly – I don’t know. In less than three months my Master’s thesis is due. So I’m trying to focus on my university work for now, although my sateless travel urge can never be fully suppressed. I’m not booked for anything concrete in 2013 yet, but I’m planning for a few weekend getaways in Europe, and maybe one longer trip towards the end of the year. As most of my 2012 trips were totally spontaneous, I’m sure some great travel opportunities will come up this year too. Moreover, there a new home towns and jobs coming up… Where I’ll move? What my job(s) will be? Who knows! 2013 will definitely be a year full of surprises and innovations for me!

But for now – Happy New Year to all of you!