On Duties, Delays, and Due Dates

I know my obnoxious obsession with alliterations becomes a little annoying already (yay, two in this sentence alone! This is what happens if you have attended way too many poetry lectures than necessary). But these three Ds are honestly what my life is about right now: Writing duties, delaying them, and the everlasting anxiety for my … Continue reading “On Duties, Delays, and Due Dates”

Too Old for a Family Vacation?

I’ve been writing a lot about my fall visit to Croatia, but as you might have realized – I’ve been weirdly vague when it came to personal pronouns. I didn’t have the guts to see it in written words yet… But to be finally honest: It was a vacation with my family. Yes, I am … Continue reading “Too Old for a Family Vacation?”

Studying Abroad in Europe – Myths and Reality

Studying abroad in Europe always comes with a reputation. Among all students the European study abroad programs are rarely mentioned without some of these words accompanying it: Beer! Shots! Party! Beach! Surf classes! Sangria! More Party! Drunk girls! Hot surfer guys! A beer at the beach. The essence of studying abroad? After all, the European … Continue reading “Studying Abroad in Europe – Myths and Reality”

New Year, New Attitude

I’m not the New-Year’s-resolutiony type. Usually my gym related, or diligence related resolutions don’t work out the way I planned it. So, over the last years I didn’t think of any resolutions at all. But this time, I feel like I should change something. Not about my appearance, or style of studying, but about my … Continue reading “New Year, New Attitude”

The 2012 Review: Photos, Numbers and Lessons

2012 has been quite the year for me. When I think back, it’s crazy how it went by so fast – yes, such a cliché, I know. But there really has been a lot going on this year. It has been a year full of difficult decisions, travel, and life lessons. From finishing my amazing … Continue reading “The 2012 Review: Photos, Numbers and Lessons”

A Tale of Temporariness

December is here after all. The festive but final month of the year. Here Germany it has been snowing since the very beginning of December, and I’m living in a true winter wonderland right now. Although it’s so pretty and Christmassy outside, December also forces me to reflect on the almost past year. 2012 has … Continue reading “A Tale of Temporariness”

The Dilemma of (Fake) Fantasy Travel

I few weeks ago, I finally gave in to the social media circus and signed up for Pinterest. One of the very first things I did, naturally, was checking out the travel category. Besides the 4569 photos of different angles of the Eiffel Tower, I found places I’ve been to, places I’d like to go to, … Continue reading “The Dilemma of (Fake) Fantasy Travel”