Photo Essay: Fall in Germany

About two months ago, I wrote a photo essay on the transition season that was about to start. Back then, the leaves hadn’t really turned yet, and change was only a faint scent in the far distance. The subtle presentiment of change filled me with fear and excitement at the same time. Today, I look … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Fall in Germany”

The Challenges of Starting Over

To warn you straight away, I’m a drama queen. I always feel like the things I have to live through are worse than what people with similar issues have to go through. Maybe I feel things more intense, maybe I just need a whole lot of sympathy, maybe I’m just too whiny or too egocentric. … Continue reading “The Challenges of Starting Over”

What’s Next: Travel, Life, Future

A while back I promised big news on my facebook page. And here they finally are. Well, they might not be big news to anyone else, but they are to me — and Sateless Suitcase of course. I’m done with my Master’s Degree! Last week I had to “defend” my Master’s Thesis — my very … Continue reading “What’s Next: Travel, Life, Future”

“Art history? So can you paint really well?”

When you specialize in humanities you get asked a lot of weird questions. Sometimes I have the feeling that when people ask what you’re studying, they want to hear something simple, something they understand: Say “psychology” or “business administration” and people are happy. They know you’ll end up having a proper job. But when you’re … Continue reading ““Art history? So can you paint really well?””

One Year: A Blogiversary

I can’t even believe it myself: Sateless Suitcase went live a year ago today. A platform for random travel-related musings of a clueless almost art historian — which I basically just started, because I really love procrastination. At least, I think that was my intention at first. I still remember how I excited I was … Continue reading “One Year: A Blogiversary”

Photo Essay: Summer in Germany

I don’t really share a lot about what my life looks like when I don’t travel. I currently live in-between Cologne and Frankfurt, in the official middle of nowhere — and I don’t consider my life to be really interesting right now, because it consists out of two things: Waiting for my Master’s thesis evaluation coming … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Summer in Germany”

An Unwritten Story

It’s a feeling I know very well. That familiar uncertainty. The enduring “What’s next?”. It has accompanied my life for years. And as my graduation comes closer the dreading, suppressed question gets louder every day. So, what’s next, Julika? Honestly, I don’t know. I really don’t. The truth is: I will (presumably, hopefully) graduate in less than … Continue reading “An Unwritten Story”

The Art Historian’s Guide to Not Being A Perfect Traveler

If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know that I easily get carried away with describing architecture, or with my enthusiasm for medieval manuscripts. I think of myself as an art historian with a desire to travel as a way to explore culture and history around the world. I claim to … Continue reading “The Art Historian’s Guide to Not Being A Perfect Traveler”

Photo Essay: My German Middle of Nowhere

This is a sign of life. For you, telling you that I’m still here. For myself, telling myself that I’m still sane (more or less). And to the (Western European) world, because spring is in the air. Finally. As you might know, I’m currently writing my Master’s Thesis, or dissertation, or whatever else this draining … Continue reading “Photo Essay: My German Middle of Nowhere”

Why Disney May Have Caused My Travel Addiction

I’m a child of the nineties. Born in the late eighties, my childhood was dominated awkward jeans, way too colorful windbreakers, Backstreet Boys, and tamagotchis. But one of the most important sources of inspiration at my young age was Disney. Although I didn’t spend too much time in front of the TV (thanks parents!), those … Continue reading “Why Disney May Have Caused My Travel Addiction”