A Weekend in Alsace via Instagram

I admit it: I’m a newly converted Instagram-addict (and, ugh, fancy phone owner). Although I tried really hard not to give in to yet another hyped social media platform for the longest time, I’ve come to realize that taking travel photos with Instagram is actually a lot of fun. And I just love the idea … Continue reading “A Weekend in Alsace via Instagram”

Photo Essay: Castle Views from Nuremberg

When I introduced the beautiful city of Nuremberg with its difficult history, I left out the little detail about my accommodation there. But actually — where I stayed, was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Nuremberg: I slept in a castle hostel! The city’s youth hostel is located in the former hayloft … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Castle Views from Nuremberg”

Nuremberg – Franconia’s Historical Treasure Chest

Nuremberg is one of those cities which are love at first sight. As soon as you pass through the main entrance door of the train station, your eyes fall upon the late medieval town fortification and into the cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered houses leading into the old city center… Yes, Nuremberg, you had me … Continue reading “Nuremberg – Franconia’s Historical Treasure Chest”

Nuremberg via Instagram

I just got back from a few days in the famous Bavarian city of Nuremberg, where I attended a field trip with a medieval studies group. Although spring still hasn’t arrived in Germany yet and I was freezing most of time, I had a great time exploring the exciting — and sometimes difficult — history … Continue reading “Nuremberg via Instagram”

Photo Essay: Fascinating Frankfurt

In my opinion, Frankfurt is underrated. It’s renowned as Europe’s financial capital and for being home to the third largest airport in Europe. Most travelers end up in Frankfurt, the seemingly unexciting lay-over city, sooner or later. But Frankfurt has a whole lot more to offer. I might be biased, but I really like Frankfurt. … Continue reading “Photo Essay: Fascinating Frankfurt”

Photo Essay: The Medieval Wonderland of Maulbronn

Last August my family and I were driving down to Southern Germany where one of my cousins held a post-wedding family barbeque (because she before eloped in Denmark with her Nigerian husband — I love how multi-cultural my family is!). Somewhere on the road, in-between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart, I spotted a sign saying ‘Maulbronn’. I … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Medieval Wonderland of Maulbronn”

Photo Essay: The Windows of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

It’s no secret that my favorite art historical period is the Middle Ages. I really can’t tell you how that happened (it is a quirky favorite period after all), but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Gothic cathedrals. These gigantic churches that were built as high as possible without any help of … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Windows of St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague”

Photo Essay: The Ancient City of Évora

Portugal’s (architectural) history dates back until ancient Roman times. Unfortunately there nowadays is little proof of the old Roman colony Lusitania anymore. Solely one little city in the central Portuguese region of Alentejo stands out, because it is home to the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. During the Roman reign, the city of Évora … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Ancient City of Évora”

A Little German Christmas Market Competition

Although I didn’t leave the borders of Germany in December, I traveled a lot. In Germany. My objective: Finding my favorite German Christmas market. So I explored the Christmas markets in five different cities and four different states. I didn’t go for the markets in the big touristic cities (there is a lot of coverage … Continue reading “A Little German Christmas Market Competition”

Photo Essay: The Cathedral of Cologne

In my very first semester of art history back in 2007 I took a class called “The Medieval Cathedral”… not only because I loved Gothic cathedrals ever since I saw one for the first time, but also because my professor had a field trip planned. He had some connections to the stonemasons’ workshop, which could … Continue reading “Photo Essay: The Cathedral of Cologne”