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An Afternoon of True Englishness

During my April visit to LondonĀ I also wanted to have a true English experience, since I had never been to the UK before (shame on me!). Everyone keeps saying "London is not England", so I was really desperate to have a look beyond the borders of the capital to find an authentic piece of Great Britain. Well, one may argue whether Greenwich can be considered a part of London, or not -- but it definitely feels totally different from the crowed, busy city! Walking through the tiny streets that were covered in cherry tree petals in theĀ tentative spring sun almost [...]

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Spring Weekend Trip to London

The great thing about having smart and talented friends is that they achieve things like university places and job offers all over the world. My good friend Sarah is one of those people. We both graduated from college in 2010, and after having been an intern in publishing for several months, Sarah started doing her Master's degree in London last year. It was really about time to fly to England and visit her, because in the beginning of 2012 we realized that we were both studying in two amazing European capitals, and made a pact to visit each other and [...]

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