Us mid-twenties are a part of a generation for which traveling is seemingly the  the most prestigious luxury. Almost everybody travels, studies abroad, has long distance relationships… It almost appears like there is some unexpressed contest: The more exclusive and adventurous the trips are, the better…

I, on the other hand, haven’t even been to Asia, yet. Or Africa. Or Australia. So, obviously, I’m not exactly in the most ideal position to compose a blog on traveling… at all.

However, during my semester abroad in Portugal I did write a blog on being a foreign exchange student. That tumblr (Julika in Portugal) was primarily targeted at my German friends and family, who wanted to know about my everyday adventures in Lisbon. While writing my experiences abroad down, I was constantly doing extra research on the places I visited and cultural rituals I took part in – and therefore soon realized that I really enjoy putting my thoughts into words on such a regular basis. It is of avail to remember names and places, because a blog functions as my very own travel diary, but it is as well a great device to share stories and knowledge with the people who care.

As I came back from Portugal in February 2012, I actually started missing my blog… So, I came up with the idea of writing a longer lasting travel blog with a focus on art and culture. Of course, this blog is not at all going to be a medium where I brag about all the exciting countries I go to (there honestly isn’t anything to really brag about just yet), but I rather wish it to be a platform for conveying my stories and ideally getting in contact with other travelers around the world.

Since I am a notoriously broke student of humanities (meaning I’m pretty much going to be broke for the rest of my life), I’m working my butt off (as an underpaid cashier) to reward myself with at least a few trips per year. Thus, I do some actual traveling adjusted to my budget and schedules at university and work, but a whole lot more through reminiscing and day dreaming… That’s all I can juggle for now.

… so I guess, I’m just writing about the places I see, the art I encounter and how to manage a least a little traveling when you’re still in school and not a rich heiress – and eventually about the bricks I drop trying.