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The European Capital Curse

For some travelers it's the one of the worst travel sins, but I'm absolutely guilty of it: Visiting (European) capital cities. Prague, Czech Republic Budapest, Hungary How often have I had a conversation with someone from England that went something like this: "So, have you been to England at all?" -- "Yes!" -- "Oh great! Whereabouts exactly?" -- "Only London, to be honest." -- "But you do know that London is not England, right?!" London, UK Okay, so besides my linguistic inability mimic a real Brit, these people are right. Of course I have no right to say I've been [...]

My July via Instagram

Ever since I started working as a medievalist last fall, I've been struggling with finding balance in between being the busy art historian and the blogging part-time traveler. I admire bloggers who manage to be successful in their day-jobs and still stick to a regular writing schedule. But the thing is, my job is a job that is never really done -- I could always read more, study more, think more, question more. And in the past weeks I learned that if things get tough at work, I can't just hop around the internets, edit photos and write. However, besides [...]

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Hamburg via Instagram

Although I visited three different European capitals this spring, I was a bit travel-deprived lately. My springtime travels were amazing and I was getting used to sleeping in another bed every other three days. Of course, I loved being in Germany to see it turn from grey and frozen to blooming and colorful during the lasts months. Being at home is really not too hard when the weather is nice and you find time to explore your new adopted home town as a tourist visiting farmer's markets and climbing medieval church towers. Nonetheless, I've really, really been wanting to get out [...]

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Market Days in Germany

In my mind, I'm always traveling: I have photos from Paris and Croatian beaches on the walls of my room, and a picture of the Irish coast as my desktop background at work. My mind is always racing, looking for new places to dream of, planning trips I might take someday. It's not that I'm not happy with my everyday life, but I still like to dream myself away every day... For the first time in a long time though, I feel intellectually challenged with what I spend my days with: I get to read and study all day long, [...]

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Catching my Breath in Rome – The Cimitero Acattolico

We all want to be travelers, but we don't want to be tourists. "Those" tourists. We don't want to be a part of the crowds that line up in front of sights and information desks. Those people who just visit the Louvre to take a selfie with the Mona Lisa, and those who pose to have their photo taken "leaning" against Big Ben. The people who suddenly stop in the middle of the street to look at a map. But the thing with tourists crowds is that most of the time the places where the tourists go are actually worth [...]

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Exploring the Flavors of Rome

Until a few years ago, I had never really cared about food abroad. As a picky pescetarian, my options have always been pretty limited anyways. Back in 2009 I didn't care about croquet in Amsterdam; back in 2011 I didn't care about goulash in Budapest -- because these dishes are not vegetarian, but also because I just really didn't care: Why eat authentic food when there are more familiar options I trust, like my oh-so-beloved French fries? Before you leave the blog in shock: I changed my opinion about food abroad. In the fall of 2011, after a few weeks into my semester [...]

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Madrid via Instagram

I just got back from Madrid (this month was crazy travel-wise!) and -- yet again -- I have so. very. much. to say about my time in Spain and my very first visit to its capital. But first, a little introduction via the photos I took on my phone. I have declared my love for Instagram as an immediate travel diary many times before, so I'll try to keep the first introductory paragraphs as short as possible to let the photos speak for themselves. I have noticed that the photos I take on my phone are different from the ones [...]

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On Berlin’s Urban Food Myths

Berlin is not a foodie capital per se. Obviously, international tourists do come for the legendary currywurst, national visitors tend come for the best döner kebabs in the country, but other than that -- what is special about food in Berlin? Other than that the city is so multicultural that there won't be any international cuisine you couldn't find? But, there's got be more than sausage cut in slices with ketchup and curry powder on top, right? I'm not sure if Berlin really has its own cuisine. But there are some foodie hypes that spread beyond the borders of the [...]

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Living like a Local in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

I've been to Berlin three times, and my visits could not have been more different: My first trip there was with my parents when I was fifteen. We stayed in a gross basement apartment somewhere in the suburbs, and I barely saw Berlin, because I constantly had my nose in a book. And to be honest, at the age of fifteen you have different ideas of a vacation than visiting churches with you parents. It took me forever to get myself back to Berlin. Last summer, eleven years after my first visit, I came to my country's capital for a [...]

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Berlin via Instagram

It's been a year since I upgraded my old phone, which basically looked like an ancient mini fax machine, to a newer one so I could finally join Instagram. I had been stalking people's Instagram web profiles for months and it was the wish to share my own images online that made me give in to the 21st century phone-wise. Mobile photography however, is an art. And I underestimated that taking good photos with your phone takes just as much practice as taking good photos with a dSLR. Seeing a good image and capturing it in the right way are [...]

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