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Where To Drink Coffee in Hamburg

When I started traveling independently, I thought it was fun to have no plans whatsoever. I loved the romantic idea of an old car, a paper map and all the freedom in the world. I quickly learned that traveling with no plans at all is often a stupid idea -- especially in Europe during peak season. A spontaneous road trip through Southern France sounds great until you realize that showing up at a camp ground without a reservation in July is not the smartest idea. Learning from these major travel fails, I developed into a "vacation dictator" (that's what the [...]

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Paris in August via Instagram

There was a time when I was really into writing Instagram photo blog posts, but I haven't been doing a lot of them lately as I felt like my images were becoming too repetitive -- even though I'm still old-fashioned and take photos with both my dSLR (for the blog) and my phone (for Instagram) at the same time. However, I didn't want to be boring and share photos of the same place several times so I didn't write any Instagram round-up posts for my last trips. With my newest realization that I don't bother bringing a wide-angle lens on most [...]

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London Stories in Black and White

I have always loved photography. My parents gave me my first little camera for my 12th birthday and I was so excited that I even told all my teachers about it. Very soon after that birthday, we spent a week in a cabin in the Jura mountains in Switzerland where I took photos of horses and kittens and I couldn't have been more in love with the memories I created thanks to those images. I used my little analogous camera for years, even brought it with me for my first big (semi-grown-up) trip across the Atlantic Ocean a few years [...]

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80 Photos to Make You Want to Travel to Jordan

When it comes to blogging, I commit pretty much every "blogging crime" they warn you about in Travel Blogging 101: My blog posts are too long, too inconsistent, too diversified when it comes to travel style: I've experimented with solo travel as well as family travel; I've written about the looks you receive when filling up a water bottle in a public bathroom in Paris because you're on a tight budget as well as splurging on way too many expensive coffee treats abroad. Many things I do on this blog (and in life in general) are highly contradictory. Though, I'm convinced [...]

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Love, It’s Complicated

I know this is a strange way to begin a travel-related blog post (especially when you have the real-life dating experience of a sandwich), but lately, I feel like a jealous ex-girlfriend. My first love and I have drifted apart. And I'm slightly heart-broken. A few years back, we were on the same page about everything. We were the perfect fit, and I felt like I alone had discovered the awesomeness that no one else saw. I was over the moon and couldn't stop smiling, because we were so amazing together. Unfortunately, I had to move on eventually. But I never [...]

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Highlights from a Weekend in London

Three years ago, London had caught me completely off guard: I had come to see the places that I had been familiarized with through all those countless English textbooks, but hadn't expected to fall so hard for the artsy hipster London, the pretty stoops, and, oh -- the coffee. Back then, I kept thinking that Steffen (aka the boyfriend) would love London as well, so I had been plotting to return with him ever since. Last winter, I finally got him the flight tickets for Christmas and I couldn't wait to hear what he thought of London. And of course, [...]

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Coffee Stories from Jordan

It's no secret that I'm obsessed with coffee. I'm addicted to a level where I need five cups of coffee in the morning to be able to leave the house. Whether at home or on the road, coffee is my daily fuel, it's my favorite thing to photograph -- and I also strongly believe a country's coffee culture can teach you so much about it. Hence, I was beyond excited to explore the coffees of Jordan. (Just to tell you how excited I was: On the plane, I ended up sitting next to a super nice guy who was on his way to visit [...]

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How to Avoid Tourist Crowds in Florence

Florence is easily one of the most touristy places in all of Europe. You can't blame people for picking Florence as a must-see destination in Italy though: It's an absolutely gorgeous city and it's a dream to visit -- for anyone who loves art, architecture, history, food, and scenic views. Florence is the essence of what Italy dreams are made of. It's every bit as beautiful as you'd think. It looks just like the movies, but better. And that's what people come for. Millions of people. This is what the Piazza del Duomo looks like at 10 am in the morning. On [...]

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10 Things that Surprised Me about Jordan

Looking back, I had no idea what Jordan was going to be like before I boarded my flight. I had tried to google some of the places on our #GirlsGoneJordan itinerary, but in the end I traveled to the Middle East with little expectations, ready to be surprised. And Jordan most certainly surprised me -- especially when it comes to the ten points below. Just beware, the following list is a personal one -- don't expect verified facts only in here, but more personal tales of tea and toilets (not kidding): 1. Jordan Has Several Different Climate Zones Obviously, when I [...]

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The Best Food Finds in Florence

Of course, I wanted to go to Florence for the art, the architecture, and the Renaissance history. But I can't deny that I was looking forward to eating all the food. I mean, it's Italy, right? Give me Italian pasta and gelato, and I'm a happy girl. Despite all my excitement though, I knew it wouldn't be easy to find really good Florentine food among all the tourist traps with multilingual menus. When I visited Rome last year, I realized that you just can't just find the good places by accident. If it hadn't been for my Walks of Italy food [...]

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