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Market Days in Germany

In my mind, I'm always traveling: I have photos from Paris and Croatian beaches on the walls of my room, and a picture of the Irish coast as my desktop background at work. My mind is always racing, looking for new places to dream of, planning trips I might take someday. It's not that I'm not happy with my everyday life, but I still like to dream myself away every day... For the first time in a long time though, I feel intellectually challenged with what I spend my days with: I get to read and study all day long, [...]

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On Berlin’s Urban Food Myths

Berlin is not a foodie capital per se. Obviously, international tourists do come for the legendary currywurst, national visitors tend come for the best döner kebabs in the country, but other than that -- what is special about food in Berlin? Other than that the city is so multicultural that there won't be any international cuisine you couldn't find? But, there's got be more than sausage cut in slices with ketchup and curry powder on top, right? I'm not sure if Berlin really has its own cuisine. But there are some foodie hypes that spread beyond the borders of the [...]

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Living like a Local in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

I've been to Berlin three times, and my visits could not have been more different: My first trip there was with my parents when I was fifteen. We stayed in a gross basement apartment somewhere in the suburbs, and I barely saw Berlin, because I constantly had my nose in a book. And to be honest, at the age of fifteen you have different ideas of a vacation than visiting churches with you parents. It took me forever to get myself back to Berlin. Last summer, eleven years after my first visit, I came to my country's capital for a [...]

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Berlin via Instagram

It's been a year since I upgraded my old phone, which basically looked like an ancient mini fax machine, to a newer one so I could finally join Instagram. I had been stalking people's Instagram web profiles for months and it was the wish to share my own images online that made me give in to the 21st century phone-wise. Mobile photography however, is an art. And I underestimated that taking good photos with your phone takes just as much practice as taking good photos with a dSLR. Seeing a good image and capturing it in the right way are [...]

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January Sunshine in Göttingen

I've only really lived in Göttingen for about five weeks now. I'm still discovering something new every day. I still search for coffee shops and restaurants on yelp and try to find my new favorite. I'm still getting used to the speaking melody of the people living here and I still have to learn all the insider shortcuts. But I’m also slowly starting to feel at home. Last year I realized (once more) that starting over somewhere new is never easy, but that it is worth all the struggles if you don't give up. I'm a stronger and more confident [...]

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A Walk Around Berlin’s Famous Sights

When I got to Berlin last month I wanted to find art, design, and hipster subculture. But somehow I got distracted by classical, historical, and beautiful Berlin. Berlin has experienced SO much history that you can't possibly grasp it during just one weekend, probably not even in a lifetime. But I wanted to stroll through the streets and find "the real" Berlin. While walking through Berlin, my mind was racing with images I remember from history books and TV reports: Swinging Berlin in the 20ies, shockingly impressive Nazi parades through the city's grand boulevards, entirely destroyed Berlin after the War. [...]

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Nuremberg – Franconia’s Historical Treasure Chest

Nuremberg is one of those cities which are love at first sight. As soon as you pass through the main entrance door of the train station, your eyes fall upon the late medieval town fortification and into the cobblestone streets lined with half-timbered houses leading into the old city center... Yes, Nuremberg, you had me at hello. But to really understand this city, there is a lot to know -- from a gloomy history to quirky regional and dialect pride to famous little sausages. First, a little note on regional mentality: Although Nuremberg is geographically located in the German state [...]

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Nuremberg via Instagram

I just got back from a few days in the famous Bavarian city of Nuremberg, where I attended a field trip with a medieval studies group. Although spring still hasn't arrived in Germany yet and I was freezing most of time, I had a great time exploring the exciting -- and sometimes difficult -- history of Nuremberg. But before I go into further detail (soon!) and tell you about sleeping in the former hayloft of a medieval castle, and what it feels like to touch the fragile pages of a 15th century manuscript, I'll give you a little sneak peek [...]

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How I Tried to Give Modern Art a Chance

Every five years the sleepy town of Kassel in the north of the state of Hesse, Germany, turns into the artistic center of modern art: The Documenta is the most important and biggest exhibition of contemporary art worldwide! However, I'm not very much into contemporary art. Don't get me wrong. I love art. I love modern art, too. I almost cried when I saw my first Jackson Pollock. I adore getting mesmerized by Rothko or overwhelmed by Rosenquist or tricked by Dalí. But: I'm a medieval art historian (well, almost). I have my problems with video installations and abstract, weird artists like [...]

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Turning 25 in Munich!

25. That is HUGE. Very grown up. A quarter century! I really wanted to do something special for this occasion - which included being as far away from my ugly-passing-through home town Siegen as possible! Luckily, my wonderful friend Kathi invited me to stay with her in June 2012. I had met her during my semester abroad in Lisbon, where we became friends quickly and also went on several trips together. Kathi lives in the city center of Munich - and I couldn't wait to finally come back to Munich at last! To get there, I used Mitfahrgelegenheit which is a platform arranging [...]

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