Around the World in Coffees: The 2014 Edition

I was originally planning to turn December into Review Month. Because no matter how some other bloggers frown upon year review posts, I love them. I love looking back and being nostalgic. And I love pretending that my life had a certain theme in the past year.

December overwhelmed me though, and I never got around to writing those “best 14 things I ate in 2014” or “best 14 Instagrams of 2014” articles. (Don’t even ask about when I bought and wrapped my Christmas presents this year!). But despite missing out the grand review time frame in the blogosphere, there is one annual post that I could never ever leave out, because I look forward to writing it all year: My annual coffees from around the world round-up!

I cherish this little tradition of mine so much and I adore how my life’s perception changes when told through the tales of the prettiest and most delicious coffees I had throughout the year.

Coffee in Hannover, Germany

I drink a lot of coffee, though naturally, I don’t take a photo of every single coffee I drink: Every morning, I have (at least two cups of) coffee in my favorite polka dot mug on my kitchen table while spending way too much time on social media. At the office, I have a post-lunch cappuccino (I’m sorry for this horrible habit, Italy!) with my co-workers. Sometimes, if we feel fancy, my boyfriend and I have an espresso after dinner. I need a lot of coffee to get by (yup, I’m an addict), but I don’t usually photograph my everyday coffees.

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
I don’t usually photograph my morning coffee, but I loved the November light on my kitchen table here!

My year retrospective in coffee is my favorite post to write all year, because it makes me remember the little special moments I took my camera with me — on market days, on a domestic weekend getaway, or on the eventual international trip. Even though coffee photos are never really those epic travel photos, they symbolize the little moments I love — at home and on the road. And these were my favorite coffee moments in 2014:

January: Hesse and Lower Saxony

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Coffee with an oriental touch on a very cold day in Göttingen 

February: Lower Saxony

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Window seat in the warm on freezing February days

March: Lower Saxony, Berlin, Hesse, Rome, and Madrid

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Lattes in Göttingen before spending most of March on the road 

Coffee in Berlin, Germany
Pre-sightseeing cappuccino in Berlin’s hip Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood

Coffee in Berlin, Germany
Solo afternoon flat white break in Berlin 

Coffee in Rome, Italy
Starting every single day in Rome with a caffè cornetto

Coffee in Rome, Italy
Post-pasta coffee with a side of biscotti

Coffee in Rome, Italy
Espresso while looking at the Foro Romano 

Coffee in Rome, Italy
Learning how to drink coffee like an Italian during my food tour with Walks of Italy

Coffee in Madrid, Spain
First coffee in Madrid!

Coffee in Madrid, Spain
Drinking so much coffee with the #GirlsGoneMAD  in the cozy kitchen of our GowithOh apartment in Madrid 

Coffee in Madrid, Spain
When in Madrid: Café con leche, churros con chocolate 

April: Madrid, Hesse, and Lower Saxony

Coffee in Madrid, Spain
Flat whites and glimpses of hipster Madrid

Coffee in Madrid, Spain
Café con leche on a sunny spring day in Madrid‘s Retiro park

May: Lower Saxony

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Coffee at the farmers’ market while strolling past peonies and strawberries 

June: Lower Saxony and Hamburg

Coffee in Hamburg, Germany
Breakfast on a summery getaway to Hamburg

Coffee at the fish market, Hamburg, Germany
Espressos after a traditional fried fish breakfast (!) roll at Hamburg’s famous Sunday fish market 

July: Lower Saxony

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Coffee in a beach chair after a very stressful month

August: Lower Saxony, Berlin, Hesse, Vienna, and Bratislava

Coffee in Berlin, Germany
Coffee and cake in Neukölln, Berlin 

Coffee in Berlin, Germany
Breakfast and the best coffee I ever had in Prenzlauer Berg 

Breakfast in Berlin, Germany
The cutest breakfast in the Berlin morning sun 

Coffee in Berlin, Germany
Window seat espresso in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Coffee in Vienna, Germany
A flawless sunny coffee moment in Vienna

Sacher Café in Vienna, Austria
Cappuccino and the most expensive chocolate cake of all times in Vienna 

Coffee in Bratislava, Slovakia
Sipping coffee with a view of Bratislava‘s main square

Coffee in Bratislava, Slovakia
Hiding from a sudden summer storm in Bratislava with a pretty cappuccino 

September: Lower Saxony, Berlin, and Hesse

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Introducing my international guest Jessica to German breakfasts in Göttingen 

Coffee in Berlin, Germany
Flat whites on a day trip to Berlin

October and November: Hesse and Lower Saxony

Coffee in Hannover, Germany
Latte art on the most beautiful November day in Hannover

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany
Spending the shorter days in cute cafés with sweet treats

December: Lower Saxony, Bremen, and Hesse

Coffee in Bremen, Germany
Cappuccio while exploring the Hanseatic city of Bremen

Coffee in Gießen, Germany
Post-college reunion coffee in my old home town Gießen in Hesse

Coffee in Herborn, Germany
Pretty cappuccino in rural Hesse on a perfect snow day 

And in 2015: Hopefully more coffee, more stories, more travels!

Coffee in Göttingen, Germany

Which is your favorite coffee photo from 2014?
And what was your favorite coffee moment this year?


  • Hannah

    You are an amazing photographer Julika!

    • JulikaSarah

      That’s such a sweet thing to say, Hannah, thanks!

  • I think this is my favorite end of the year recap yet! And if coffee photographer is a real job you should totally be one.

    • JulikaSarah

      Aww thanks Amanda! That would totally be my dream job!!

    • Shing

      Haha I agree. You are the world’s top coffee photographer!!

    • JulikaSarah

      Haha thanks Shing! 🙂

  • Sophie R

    Oooh yes! Love a good coffee. It’s also interesting to see how different it is every different place you go!

    • JulikaSarah

      I know right, Sophie? That’s my favorite thing about it!

  • Kathi

    So pretty! And I’m craving good coffee now. I wouldn’t mind another recap though. There are still two days left in 2014… 🙂

    • JulikaSarah

      Haha, right, there might be another recap coming your way soon 🙂

  • Laura

    I love this recap! I too am addicted to coffee – but you photograph it much better than I ever could! Hope you have just as many delicious coffees in 2015!

    • JulikaSarah

      Thanks Laura! I tend to believe that coffee photography is my true calling 🙂

  • Such lovely photos! I especially love the photo where you managed to capture the bee!

    • JulikaSarah

      Thanks Ashley! I love that photo, because having the bee in it was totally unintended — I didn’t even see it when I pressed the shutter! 🙂

  • MissLilly

    ahhhh I love coffee (espresso & cappuccinos mostly) !!! Favourite international brands: illy & Lavazza. Favourite brand: Delta (Portuguese). Which one is your favourite so far? Love your pics, all the coffees look quite yummy

    • JulikaSarah

      Thank you! My espresso at home always is Lavazza, for filter coffee I use Dallmayr, a German coffee brand from Munich. And I loved Delta coffee when I lived in Portugal! 🙂

  • Pauline Susanto

    I only have one word: LOVE! Those photos are beautiful and it’s such a creative way to recap the years gone by. All the best for 2015, Julika!

    • JulikaSarah

      Thanks so much, Pauline! I really appreciate it!

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