Published On: 2013/03/04

This is a sign of life. For you, telling you that I’m still here. For myself, telling myself that I’m still sane (more or less). And to the (Western European) world, because spring is in the air. Finally.

As you might know, I’m currently writing my Master’s Thesis, or dissertation, or whatever else this draining piece of academic writing to finalize my degree can be called. I choose to live in my personal writer’s exile in a German middle of nowhere far off from social life, proper public transportation, and food delivery services.

And this has been one of the worst winters of my life. Not just because I’m stuck here in the middle of nowhere, but the winter itself has been horrible. And no, I’m not being my usual drama queen self right now — this winter in Germany was officially the gloomiest winter since 43 years. Thus, saying “the worst winter of my life” is simply adequate.

But I don’t want to complain and spread negativity. Because this past weekend we finally had sunshine for almost two days in a row! And sunshine makes just everything better!

So I allowed myself to leave the desk for an afternoon, and explore my middle of nowhere region. In the sun, and through the lens. An afternoon to refresh my powers, to grant myself a little short-term vacation feeling, and most importantly: To remind myself that the end is in sight.

The end of this horribly dark and cold winter. The end of this writing madness. And the end of my lonely exile.

Spread the love: Spring is here!

New doors are about to be opened!

Snowdrops are always the best sign!

Sun is the universal medicine from the sky’s pharmacy” – Yes!!